Specialists in website design, we build quality websites to fit all budgets. We listen to your requirements and advise on the best, most cost effective solution. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and custom .php are all languages we speak.


WordPress is a great to choice to build your website in. If you reach a stage of needing some adhoc or retained WordPress Support then we can help. With a team of experienced WordPress developers, CKS has you covered. 


An experienced SEO and SEM agency providing Search Engine Optimisation services for a varied range of clients and sectors. We specialise in driving sales, traffic and ROI for your business. Fully accountable, we set targets that align with your business strategy and drive organic and paid search results.


CKS Media is a contract and advertising sales specialist. We work with publishers to monetise their audience. Working in online advertising sales, print sales and event sponsorship sales we have every angle covered. We’ll also sell specific products into market. 


We specialise in two core services which underpin our business. Advertising Sales / Contract Sales and Website support & development!

Advertising Sales & Contract Sales

We help media & product owners make the most of their offering. We sell into their market and engage brands/consumers to drive revenue. Through online advertising sales, on the page, events or selling your product we can help monetise your offering.

Website Builder, Designer, & Support

Website development and design is coupled with in-house SEO and Social expertise. This allows us to deliver you the best results. We can advise on every stage of your new website. Ongoing support is also available for sites built by CKS or other developers.

Our Approach

Our aim is to add value to your business and we approach every new client with this in mind. For advertising sales we work in online, on paper & event based publishing. We also sell services or products that feed into this sector, such as event tech and video. Web design & support, SEO and online applications are also an area in which we excel. 

Our Clients

CKS clients range from start-up businesses to large multinational companies across a wide range of sectors. Our focus is always to add financial value for you – the more we succeed the more you’ll work with us! This is why most of our new business comes from referrals.

Our expertise

A full service digital, print and event agency based in London. We have a team of experts specialising in online advertising sales, print sales & sponsorship sales, web software development, search engine optimisation and social media. Our team are amongst the very best at what they do, and are respected in the industry for their expertise.

Our proposition

Our proposition to you is simple. We focus on adding value to your business. If you have a growing business then you should get in touch. With a full understanding of the sales process and advertisers / agencies, we’re well placed to help grow your business and shape it’s commercial strategy.

Website Design

Successful websites need to look fantastic and be user friendly. Our Website team are front end designers and user experience (UX) experts. They can bring your brand, your website, and your business to life. After its built, keep us on for changes & support or change the content yourself whenever you like.

WordPress Support

WordPress support is also available on an adhoc or retained basis. Choosing a WordPress website is a great choice and very user friendly. However, if you reach a stage of needing support, or your website has grown too big to manage in house, get in touch. 

Advertising Sales / Contract Sales

Born from our understanding of the advertising sales world. CKS specialises in contract sales with a firm focus on all pillars of media and it’s associated products. We offer advertising sales for online, on the page, events & awards. Product contract sales can cover any industry but we love events technology and video.

Developing Great Websites

Developing amazing websites and software requires a great team for all stages of the build

Great business ideas need great software. We can deliver mobile, tablet and web software development, with a client approach that means we can also improve usability, analyze costs/benefits of new software, and re-engineer websites to lower their running costs.