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CKS Media is an advertising sales agency based in London.


Looking for someone to act as your sales team? Or support and inhouse team with additional expertise and relationships?  

CKS Media are an advertising sales agency specialising in monetising websites, events, published media, magazines and newspapers.


Website advertising sales agency

Online advertising sales is at the forefront of our business. We have a team of experienced online salespeople combining years of experience, and relationships. We use this to help us quickly add value to your proposition.

Our team have worked with some of the worlds’ best known online publishers. These including household consumer names like Disney Maker Studios and Conde Nast. We’ve also worked with a whole host of websites offering content for targeted consumer and b2b audiences.

Experienced in video, display, sponsorships, IAB units and native content. We can aligne you with a number of our supply partners, meaning we can quickly monetise your online audience.


Events sponsorship sales/SPEX sales agency

Event sponsorship sales are advertising sales for events. These sales are sometimes referred to as SPEX and are key to the success of any event based business. We tap into the value of your audience and connect paying sponsors with them. Doing this successfully requires a well honed skillset.

We have worked on a number of high quality events ranging from b2b awards ceremonies to large scale exhibitions. We’ve also worked on, and launched,  niche briefings in defined markets. The Lloyds List Awards, European Business Awards, Quoted Company Awards, The Restaurant show, The Legal IT Exhibition (and show) and a host of consumer and b2b events are amongst our successful projects.

If you’d like to talk about sponsorship sales, or about launching sponsorable events from your portfolio, please get in touch.


Print advertising sales – magazines and newspapers agency

Many people believe the whole world has moved online. This is true to a degree but there are still paper publishers doing very well from their traditional products.

On the page adverts, take overs, cover wraps and advertorials work well to drive publisher revenue and strong ROI for advertisers.

Many of our advertising sales agency team members started out working in printed media. We have experience in magazines, newspapers, supplements and annuals.

We’re also aware of the intricacies involved in transitioning from print to digital whilst maintaining your core revenue stream. With our experience we can help throughout this process.

Why not speak to us to see if we could drive higher ad sales in your business. Or support your existing team in sales in aligning online and on the page strategies.


Advertising strategy

If your business is not quite ready for an advertising sales agency we can help point you in the right direction. Our consulting service aligns your products with the buying needs of advertisers. 

We can work with you to help you build out your sales strategy and ensure you have a product which is ‘market ready’. We can consult on a one off project or work alongside your business from conception to monetisation. We’ve been directly involved in running a number of large publishing businesses and have been fundamental to the success of many others. Why not get in touch to tap into this experience?


Click here to get in touch and learn more about how we can help your business. 

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