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A Corporate Website for Business

If you’re reading this page, it’s likely you’re responsible for the online presence of a successful business. You’ll probably know what you need from your corporate website and have responsibilities to deliver quality on a budget. Our aim is to make this easy for you and help as little or as much as needed.

We can help you build a brief, chatting through core functionality and any advanced features you may need. If you simply know you need additional functionality but not where to start, we’re here to guide you through the process.

Back end coding and front end design go hand in hand to deliver a smooth user journey. Secure transactions and data handling. Embedded code, user areas, and live streaming are all regularly requirements for our customers. 

We’re regularly work with high volume websites and have experience in implementing ad code, Google News, and paywalls. 

Minimal Disruption! 

Larger businesses often have an online footprint that goes before anything else. We’ll work with you to protect this whilst elevating your digital offering and taking your business to the next level.

Staging servers are used to build your new site as a matter of course. Your new site goes live once it’s been thoroughly reviewed and tested by you.

We have a team of in house developers, adept in building bespoke sites in open-source code. Utilising PHP/MySQL running on Linux and working with Elastic Search and Memcached to provide you with a high performance corporate website.

SEO and Redirects

Your online traction is important to you and we know how hard you worked for page rank. Full URL mapping, 301 redirects and SEO can be included in any build. Our SEO team will work to ensure that you maintain your position amongst your competitors and recover any losses quickly.

We’ll take snapshots of your rankings and positioning helping to create a plan to regain, and surpass any losses.

We can advise on how to manage any downtime and the impact of a site restructure on SERPs. Our ongoing feedback can help you to make informed decisions throughout the build.

Preparing a Website Brief

If needed, we can help you compile your brief, ensuring we’ll build you a future proof corporate website.  A website which will serve your company for years to come. We’ll listen to your requirements and help isolate any ‘must have’ functionality. We can discuss the reasons you need to upgrade and suggest solutions to any of the issues you may currently be encountering.

Where needed, we’ll work with our sister company. Everlution are security focused ‘back end’ developers. This gives us the ability to offer database heavy application builds. They help us deliver any behind the scenes ‘heavy lifting’ whilst we ensure the front end is beautiful and represents your company in the best light.

Why not get in touch and tell us what you’re looking for.

Some examples of our work