Hashtag Mosaics

Hasthag Mosaic for Virtual and Physical events from Luster

Hashtag Printers

Hashtag Printers for corporate events from Luster

Flip Disc

An Interactive display that captivates your audience at corporate events

Hashtag Mosaics from Luster

At CKS we’re lucky enough to work with Luster and one of our Directors, Kelvin, heads up their operation from the UK.

Luster create amazing interactive experiences designed to help brands engage with their audience.

From Hashtag Mosaics & Hashtag Printers to the Flip Disc display and our unique Virtual Mosaic.

With Luster’s corporate approach, we are well placed to deliver seamlessly for your company event or exhibition stand.

We also work closely with events agencies to ensure smooth delivery for your clients.

If you are a client, brand, or events agency, looking to create ways to interact with your audience  you are in the right place.

Virtual Meeting Engagement

Since COVID-19 locked down most of the world, virtual meetings have become the normal. With this, virtual meeting engagement and standing out from the crowd has become a challenge for many company maketing teams.

At Luster, we’ve evolved our traditional Hashtag Mosaic to enable us to offer a Virtual Solution. You still get all the social amplification and can even extend your coverage way beyond your live dates.

Luster Virtual Mosaics help you:

Engage your audience!

Gain Social amplification!

Create a feeling of community!

Connect teams globally to build something they feel part of!

Hashtag Mosaics from Luster

Hashtag Mosaics From Luster

Virtual & Physical Hashtag Mosaics available

Our Hashtag Mosaics offer an amazing way to create a feeling of community and/or engage with your staff or end audience.

Every person has the chance of being on the Mosaic and the user journey is super simple, via social media or our photo upload tool.

Stand out from the crowd and build something you can keep, and display, for years to come.

Hashtag Printers from Luster

Hashtag Printers

Social media engagement for the corporate sector

Often coined as the inventor of the Hashtag Printer, Luster helps create a great, branded, giveaway for your guests. All whilst driving social amplification for your brand. 

Great for shops, exhibitions, corporate parties and to accompany our other products. 

Luster Flip Disc

Flip Disc Display

Flip Disc stops people in their tracks and creates a real focal point of any corporate party or exhibition stand. 

This interactive display creates a nostalgic feeling, evoking memories of the old railway clock boards. Thousands of tiny flipping magnets interact with guests as they walk past, dance, play, and take pics. The noise alone captivates while Flip Disc helps you stand out, creating lasting memories for your guests. 

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