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Website SEO and driving online traffic are key to the success of any online business. CKS Media is an SEO agency based in London. Our experts have worked in Search Engine Optimisation and marketing for many years. Some of us predate the world’s largest search engine!

Why do you need Website SEO?

Website SEO is essential for any business looking to gain the best positions with search engines, resulting in more visitors. A top result in an internet search gives you an advantage over your competition. Most internet users will click one of the top 3 results and less than 5% will look beyond the first page. A high result has also been shown to reassure people of a quality and credible company.

SEO VS Web design

SEO is not the pretty side of web design, it’s all about gaining the best online traction and driving traffic. CKS Media are in the unique position of having separate teams, specialising in each of these areas. This means our SEO’s can advise and help you make decisions about the design of a website and where/if you should make visual compromises in order to gain the best results.

Making a beautiful website has become easier over recent years with the introduction of online tools and the advancement of WordPress. Building a website that gets picked up, for your business keywords, is just as difficult as ever.

Combining these skill-sets we can guide you through the process whilst avoiding any pitfalls.

Working with CKS Media

To begin with we get to know your business. We analyse it, along with your sector and main competitors. This allows us to create a plan for success. A plan and strategy designed to address your specific company needs.

SEO comprises of on-site and off-site techniques to improve your site’s rankings. We look at a number of relevant terms to form a strategy. The best results usually take between 3 to 6 months but you will often see a fast upturn in traffic which, over time, could become exponential.

CKS Media only work within SEO best-practice, ‘white hat’, ethical techniques. This minimises any danger of being penalised in future by the big search engines.

How much does SEO Cost?

The cost of SEO often depends on you and your website, but it needn’t be expensive. Small companies may only need the basics set up and technical SEO completed on their website. This doesn’t need to be expensive and can often be completed in a few days. Setting up Google Analytics, to help you track your users, or integrating a self service SEO plugin such as Yoast are just a few of the basics we’ll cover off. As well as helping you with other essentials like My Business listings.

For larger companies, a more detailed conversation should take place around longer term goals. As with small companies, the basics and technical SEO is our first port of call. Most of our mid-large company clients retain us month on month to review progress and advise on next steps. Off the page SEO, Link building, and advising on Analytics reports all form part of the role to success. This also helps us create a strategy for quality content.

PPC and paid advertising

No SEO Agency is complete without experienced PPC experts. PPC and paid advertising can be used to drive quick traffic and sales. This can help in the early days before your SEO gains traction or be used throughout to maximise sales. When combined with a well thought out SEO strategy, carefully planned PPC campaigns and landing pages help to reduce your CPC rates and ultimately increase your return on investment.

We have a team of PPC experts with a full understanding of Adwords, PPC, Social media advertising and all other elements of driving paid traffic.

Social Media Management

At CKS Media we understand that building relationships with your customers takes time. An effective social media strategy is key to doing this. CKS Media work with a number of experts who will build you an online social media strategy to complement your SEO work with us. We can help you in the early stages and ensure you are good to go! As your audience grows we have partners we can introduce you to. Truffle Social is a specialist social media agency and a great example of the partners we work closely with. These companies will take your social media management and strategy to the next level.


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